Revved Up Like a Deuce

July 25, 2011

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  • Info : Please, resolve the addition below before post any new comment...
  • fwtrump : Well that was the old comic is why. Think of this more as a sequel with the same name.
  • CyberSkull : «link» doesn't seem to want to go to the next one.
  • Guest_1238 : boop
  • Ian : Having just gone through the two year process of building a game and getting it on steam, this story arc has been very interesting to read.
  • Guest_3479 : Is it weird this makes me glad they are friends? Good character interaction.
  • Guest_1238 : Double weekly webcomic? hooooooly smokes!
  • FWTrump : You could check the little box to the right of this message... and perhaps notice that certain numbers in the month of april of 2014 are lit up.
  • Guest_1455 : is this a new post? Haven't checked this out in like a year or two.
  • admin : You WOULD be surprised.
  • FWTrump : Considering some of the shovelware thats been put out lately, I would be surprised if Steam in real life would reject a competently constructed game.
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